In this short interview we take a look at the ever-evolving realm of fashion and the rise of Box Total Style which has been nothing short of remarkable. With a keen eye for trends and a commitment to quality, this brand has quickly gained a loyal following and is now setting its sights on even greater success with a chance at Maine's domestic sales grant program. Box Total Style is proving that it has what it takes to hit a grand slam with this program and in the competitive world of fashion retail.

Tiffany: I know at the time we scheduled this interview you mentioned the relocation of the brand to Maine's lovely vacation land from Boston, why so?

Robert: In December of 2021, just as we were preparing to launch our first collection, I suffered the heart-wrenching loss of my 20-year-old son. This loss led me back to my father's professional boxing career, a time when he was a formidable undefeated fighter in Boston. However, our move to Philadelphia brought changes. He began training at Joe Frazier's gym, where his fighting style underwent a drastic change. He was even advised to refrain from fighting for six months. This shift was a stark contrast to his routine in Boston where he fought weekly. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia boxing style didn't suit him and he lost his next two major fights. Seeking solace, we relocated to Maine. There, away from the bustling city, my father regained his footing as a fighter. He eventually faced Leon DeFiore, a renowned boxer from Portland, Maine, in a fight at the Portland Exposition Building on May 28, 1981. He emerged victorious. In the wake of my son's passing, I found myself following in my father's footsteps, retreating to Maine in search of peace and solitude.

Tiffany: Wow! I am sorry to hear that. I can't even imagine dealing with something like that, but good to see you pushing forward in life.

Robert: Indeed, a year after relocating to Maine, I also lost my father. Life has dealt me some difficult hands, but I'm a fighter, so I must persist. Both my late father and son were part of Box Total. Continuing their involvement is how I uphold their legacy and it is my way of carrying the torch of my lost generation.

Tiffany: Robert, bless your heart! (pauses)

Tiffany: So tell me more about your plan to "grand slam" this grant opportunity?

Robert: Our clothing line is for anyone who likes casual athleisure wear plus the boxing community. Our low cost of goods give us a competitive edge in consumer sales and retail wholesale. We are confident about securing numerous wholesale deals at the Magic Trade Convention. Our projections discussed within the proposal does not include wholesale accounts that we will earn at this convention. We will track all sales, both before and after, using our advanced tracking technology.

Tiffany: Then there is Box Total Mission. Could you let our readers know what this is about? 

The Box Total Mission embodies our commitment to sustainability, humanity, and sponsorship. We continuously evaluate our practices and new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. We also donate $6 from every sale to charities in Maine and Boston, reflecting our dedication to giving back. Additionally, we support local boxing gyms and events, with a particular focus on youth sports sponsorships. In the near future, we plan to increase our contributions to include in-depth concussion testing and educational programs for young athletes.

Tiffany: In seeing what I know, I think this brand is poised to achieve this and more. So if Box Total is able to achieve this grant opportunity what are your future plans following the success of that?

Robert: With the a significant boost in our domestic sales, we will fund a comprehensive shipping and logistics center in Biddeford, Maine. This center will not only handle shipping and logistics, but also accommodate all our offices, design spaces, and photoshoot sets. By doing so, we anticipate creating between 30 to 50 full-time and part-time jobs within the local and surrounding towns. Also, with the huge increase in orders we will start importing FCL (full container loads) of our goods into the sea port of Portland, Maine. We estimate to import between 10 to 15 FCL loads per year which will generate substantial tax dollars to Portland and the state of Maine.

Tiffany: Well there you have it. Check out the ambitious vision and plans from Box Total Style's chief designer and creative director Robert Lanier. Explore their 2024 collection at Don't forget to follow them on Instagram @boxtotalstyle for a chance to win an iconic piece of timeless flair.

Thanks for tuning in, be kind to all;

By: Tiffany Long

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