I am Robert Lanier, Designer and Creative Director for the fashion brand Box Total. Born 4/28/1978 in Boston, Mass, to a Guyanese mother and African-American father, who was a Pro Boxer. On that following evening of 4/29/1978, my pops defeated Joe McFarlene in his 4th pro debut.

I was taught a fighters skillset with my hands early on in my childhood years. I also was blessed with good looks and the flair of a boxer.  For many years, he and I talked about how to bring this type of style to the market, and although it exists in many trends, it has never been capsulated into one brand. The boxer flair that we craft within our timeless wearable textiles is a distinct reflection of the brands boxing heritage.

 Our Commitment: To give our consumers the flair of a boxer through high-quality hand-made garments with sustainability at the forefront.

 Our Ethics: Moral principles that govern the most challenging, most stylish champions.


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